My Love of the Seven Styles Photoshop Actions – but especially Watercolour!

I have lately discovered the Watercolour Photoshop Action (not for PSE) from Seven Styles ( and/or It is magical, on my Venetian Cosplayer photographs, and lately on my Cape Cod and Nantucket town-scapes. It has also beautifully enhanced the Moorish Palace (Aljaferia) in Zaragoza, northern Spain.

This important citadel was almost at the northern extent of the Moors in Europe as its imposing towers show; containing a magical garden of such peace and tranquility – the spiritual and the military combined in one spectacular place.

Just a small sample of my recent work… be back later to add some description!

I do like this guy though – from Venice Carnival 2016.

VeniceCosPlayerKofHearts_3023 852x1280 WCol01 CyanTntRose PP+BC DLC+GG HMeRon TDet=NB3 ddgeys

Knave of Hearts – Venice Carnival 2016


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