Oil-painted from Photographs

Painted Effect ~ All for sale! ParisStGermain_1995_FillipV2 StrasCathMVWoodsHole_5391 FillipV2 Peacock_184308 CaveDwell3 Tones+Contrast Windmill5835 croprot1 50%FillipV2 WmSunset NYCCitylsland_0673 lenscorr rotscale1fillipV2 NYCCityIsland_0694 FillipV2 VeneziaRedentore_2761 ta hp TI=custom type-8 - Copy VeneziaGrandCanal_3117 TI=custom type-8 VeneziaRedentore_3718 TI=custom type-8 preset Venezia_3672 TI = type-8 custom 20140718_Saxmundham Framlingham Saxted-Mill_1265 FillV2 2000x1331 VeniceGondolaLagoon_3101 TI=75%FillippV2 - Copy VeniceGiorgioMaggiore_3086 lenscorr TA=VenP TI=65%FillipB - Copy VeneziaGiorgioGondole_2901 TI=custom type8 - Copy


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