The Flipboard App – a Boon for Photographers All!

Android and iOS powered Flipboard can produce excellently glossy Magazines on whatever subject you pick. Many of mine collate web and video tutorials surrounding photography techniques. It is, in fact, a superior browser bookmarker, where you can see a nominated photo at the head of the web-based article you have ‘flipped’ into the Magazine – the Magazine which you yourself have titled and setup. Several of my Flipboard Magazines concerning photography I list – with links – below:-

Advanced Black and White Plugins (inc Photoshop)  

Nik Software – 55 Filters in 52 Weeks                                

Blending Modes (Photoshop)                                                 

Dodging and Burning                                                                  

Luminance Masks                                                                        

Removing Halos                                                                           


There are also more general collections of, say, Newspaper Photography Collections, one titled On Photography which includes tutorials on techniques, behind the scenes as to how photography software works, biographical details of certain famed photographers, and also photography genres. Recipes, Acapella, Black and White Photography (a personal selection of great BW Photographers), Iceland, Playing an Instrument, Madiba, Video in CS6 and CC, a Review of 2013, Silicon Roundabout, Poetry (a personal selection) – and several catalogues of my own Online Fine Art (for sale!)

See for all of my Flipboard Magazines – you may subscribe to as many as you like!


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